A client module for adding custom jQuery events to any anvil component


from anvil_extras import augment
augment.set_event_handler(, 'hover', self.link_hover)
# equivalent to
# augment.set_event_handler(, 'mouseenter', self.link_hover)
# augment.set_event_handler(, 'mouseleave', self.link_hover)
# or
# augment.set_event_handler(, 'mouseenter mouseleave', self.link_hover)

def link_hover(self, **event_args):
  if 'enter' in event_args['event_type']: = 'hover'
  else: = 'hover_out'

# augment.set_event_handler equivalent to
augment.add_event(self.button, 'focus')
self.button.set_event_handler('focus', self.button_focus)

def button_focus(self, **event_args):
 self.button.text = 'Focus'
 self.button.role =  'secondary-color'

need a trigger method?

def button_click(self, **event_args):

Keydown example

augment.set_event_handler(self.text_box, 'keydown', self.text_box_keydown)

def text_box_keydown(self, **event_args):
  key_code = event_args.get('key_code')
  key = event_args.get('key')
  if key_code == 13:
    print(key, key_code)

advanced feature

you can prevent default behaviour of an event by returning a value in the event handler function - example use case*

augment.set_event_handler(self.text_area, 'keydown', self.text_area_keydown)

def text_area_keydown(self, **event_args):
  key = event_args.get('key')
  if key.lower() == 'enter':
    # prevent the standard enter new line behaviour
    # prevent default
    return True

DataGrid pagination_click

Importing the augment module gives DataGrid’s a pagination_click event

self.data_grid.set_event_handler('pagination_click', self.pagination_click)

def pagination_click(self, **event_args):
    button = event_args["button"] # 'first', 'last', 'previous', 'next'
    print(button, "was clicked")